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i want security questions


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iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1, bassam
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    I have asked for your email address to be edited out. Posting your address in an open thread is a sure way to be bombarded by unwanted email, remember it will be here long after you have resolved your problem, for automated detection software to find.


    If you want people to contact you, enable others to see your email address in your profile.


    Start here, and reset your security questions, you will receive an email to your rescue address, use the link in the email and reset your security questions.


    If that doesn't help or you don't have a rescue address, you might try contacting Apple through iTunes Store Support

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    Not sure what my questions were

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    I forgot my security answers too! i went to:


    support (located at the top right corner of your screen next to the search bar)

    itunes (click on the iTunes icon)

    contact itunes support (the blue link under the picture of the people)

    account management (click on it)

    forgotten apple id security questions



    there may be a few more steps but you should easily firgure it out


    they should give you a case number and call you as soon as you see your case number


    when they call, wait for the option that allows you to talk to a real person (not a computer)

    tell them why you called and that you would like to reset your security questions.

    they should tell you what to do from there.


    They were very friendly and helpful!

    And they didnt ask for a rescue email!

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    i cant find contact itunes support