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Hi There,


I've been browsing the forums for a while and have seen various threads about the WP possibilities with iPad.  I've looked at ipages and iworks, and also a couple of others which are paid apps and claim to do mostly the same things (I really only want basic word processing which I can then save and email).


Many of the apps I've tried out are SO slow to load that it's really not worth the hassle.  In particular, those which rely on iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox or Sky Drive.   On the other hand, a few of the free apps seem to have no possibility to save anywhere which is daft.  Some autosave, but woe betide you if you log off before it's done that.


I used Polaris with my Samsung Note to very good effect, it allows export in both word or PDF (or other) formats and also allows direct export from the app if you want to do that.  It's pretty basic but sufficed for my needs however there doesn't appear to be a version for the iPad sadly.


If you were about to buy an app PURELY for word processing, and required something which allowed you to email from the app, to convert to pdf (I have a pdf converting app) AND allowed you either to store the doc on the iPad (is this even possible?  I'm guessing it is as the Note allows for this and has the same memory size) or uses iCloud or Google Docs - don't really mind which.


I can't seem to find any overall opinion on which is best.  Many seem to say iPages but I'm unsure how malleable it is and I don't have an Apple computer, only a PC so I need it to be fully compatible.


Thanks for any advice, help or experience anyone feels like sharing. 

iPad Retina Display, iOS 6.0.1