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My feeling is this might just possibly be a software problem, as a few months ago I deleted certain Apps I wasn't using to save HD space.  I haven't used this laptop to play CDs or DVDs for awhile, but I never had this issue before, and the DVD player is there.  It's just that any disc I insert is rejected now, even blanks.  I read a post that suggested repairing disk permissions worked on an iMac, but it doesn't work here.


Any help appreciated.  I would think there'd be some warning indications if the drive was going out.  Again, it worked perfectly before.


I don't think I have a hardware test disc around.  Would my OS X disc help in any way?  Is there a way of testing the software - or would reinstalling the player help?  If so, how could I selectively just install the player?



iBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), G4 iBook