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After downloading and installing iOS 6.0.2 in one of my iphone 5's two days ago, I can't get any internet connection when using wifi.  It works fine when on the LTE network.  Anyone else having this problem, and is there a fix?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    The fix in 6.0.2 was supposed to fix the WiFi problem but it didn't. In some cases, it's made matters worse. In my case, I am continually rebooting the phone to get connected when switching from one WiFi to another. *****.

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    I have not been able to connect to wifi since the upgrade to 6.0.2.  I've reset the network setting and even reset the phone entirely.  Nothing work.   This update caused a wifi issue for me.  I didn't have the best connectivity before but it was better than no connectivity.  I've gone over my data because of this issue.  First time ever! 

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    I could not connect to the internet with my iPhone 5 after downloading and installing iOS 6.0.2 even though I had a solid wifi connection with my Comcast router.  Tried all the tricks described in these blogs, tinkered with the encryption settings in my router, called Apple Tech Support twice and visited my local Apple store twice without resolving the issue.  They were of the opinion that my router was at fault.  My third visit to the Apple store was to exercise my right to a new phone.  They gave me one and as soon as I got home, it connected to my router easily and it worked with the internet.  I restored all my data from my iTunes backup; wifi still worked.  Now the moment of truth.  I downloaded and installed iOS 6.0.2 on the new phone.  Voila, I still had wifi that gave me internet (which also means my apps and Safari).  This proves to me that something went wrong during the iOS 6.0.2 install on my original phone.