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I currently have a Mac and want to connect a Windows machine into the mix using a KVM switch. The problem is that I have one of the big Apple CRT monitors with the all-in-one plug that draws power, video, and USB signal from the Mac along the single cord.

Does anyone know how I can use this monitor with a Windows computer via KVM switch?

Also, the Windows computer will most likely have PS/2 mouse & keyboard plugs -- any recommendations for good converters or is there another way to do this?

I would prefer to keep the price reasonable here....


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    You could use something like a IOGEAR KVM switch:
    Say,IOGEAR MiniView USB KVM Switch
    4-Port USB KVM Switch with Built-in KVM Cables and Audio Support


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    I do know about KVM switches, and the IOGear does deal with the PS/2 plugs, but not...

    ...the big Apple CRT monitors with the all-in-one plug that draws power, video, and USB signal from the Mac along the single cord.

    I've looked it up -- they're called ADC connectors. I keep seeing these big adapters that run about $100, so I guess the question is if anyone knows of a way for me to do this that doesn't involve spending close to $160 ($60 KVM, plus $? PS/2 adapter cable, plus $90 ADC converter).

    All help is appreciated!
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    More info: I thought this was just a "price" issue, but it turns out that the Apple ADC to DVI converter doesn't work with my monitor -- and Apple has discontinued ADC support in its new computers.

    The question is now not only "Can I get this to work with a KVM switch?" but "Can I even get this to work *AT ALL* with a newer Apple computer?"

    It appears that Apple has completely left "out in the cold" anybody who bought one of these expensive monitors just a few years ago.

    Does anybody know how to connect an Apple CRT (non-flat-panel) ADC monitor to a computer that doesn't have a built-in ADC connection?

    I understand Apple's desire to introduce new, better standards, and the "all in one" cable was a good idea; but they should be ashamed for leaving their customers hanging like this after they decide it didn't work.
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    Ultimately I opted to use Remote Desktop, which is built-in to Windows XP Pro. Not ideal, but reasonable. (I can probably get rid of the monitor on the Windows machine, but need to leave a keyboard attached for the occasional pre-login PHD* dialog.)

    That's all. Seems a pretty good compromise, but Apple really does have to do something for those of us who bought these expensive monitors, as it seems that NO computer down the road will be able to use it.

    (* PHD = "Push here, dummy")