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Before I had an iPhone, I was terrified about its battery because of discussions.

However bought one at 18.12.2012 used to %0 and then fully charged to %100.


I've researched and tried a lot. Here is the result :



(Sorry for fingerprints.)

(6.0.1 to 6.0.2 updated during this battery life via 3g.)



----- Advices :
1) Turn off auto-brightness.
2) Turn off Bluetooth.
3) Turn off Wi-Fi or Cellular Data when you're not using it.
4) Turn off Location Services.
5) Turn off iTunes & App Stores & iCloud matches while there is nothing new to sync.
6) Turn off Siri.
7) Turn off Mail-Push and Fetch.


+ For users who is gonna say that "Turn-off iPhone too." :


I used most of things on the phone. Took pictures, scanned some pages, whatsapp'ed, found direction via navigate while using Siri, downloaded and also synced over +20 apps etc.

My saying is use it effectively. (Just when you need it.)


I hope it will be helpful.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    The fact that you are suggesting we turn off all features of the phone is just ridiculous! I never had to do that with iPhone 4 or 4S. Apple needs to admit to the problem or fix the thing already.

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    Hello?? Did you even read what I've said after turn offs?

    My suggestion is :

    "Just when you need it."


    Is your laptop open whole day with trying to keep 3g-4g-lte connection, pushing mails every minute, checking files to sync which there isn't a new one?


    Specialize your "smart"phone.


    Your post just contains one, just one truth that is : It can be better.

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    Second battery life :


    Third one in half: