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I usually sync my iPhone to an iMac where I download new apps, keep my music, etc. But when I'm not at home I have a MacBook and I want to use its iTunes (same account) to download apps instead of using iPhone battery to do that. Can I do it without messing up?


I also have an iCloud account, if that helps.


Another question, probably related:


What's the purpose of WiFi sync if you have to use the cable? Does a WiFi sync update the computer or the iCloud?



iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    You can only sync to one Mac or PC. Wi-Fi sync allows you to sync the iPhone with iTunes without any cable, but you have to connect the iPhone with a cable to turn on the feature. After this, you'll be able to sync the phone wirelessly

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    I read somewhere that you can sync with more than one computer if you use the same iTunes account and it's an authorized computer... I only want to sync apps and backup, no music, no photos...

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    I didn't experience that with my second PC. You can't sync with more than one Mac or PC, and the problem is that your second PC or Mac won't let you sync your device unless you erase it before syncing

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    Syncing to a second computer will remove all the data placed on the device by syncing with the first computer. iOS devices are designed to sync with only one computer.

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    I sync each of my iOS devices to two different Macs. I haven't had any problems syncing apps and backups of each device to both Macs. Both copies of iTunes are logged in under the same iCloud account, so there's no conflict with the list of authorized apps. I would not attempt this if each iTunes was logged into a different account.


    If you want to sync anything else, you could get into trouble real fast. You need to be very aware of the different sync categories across the top in iTunes. For example, you can sync photos to one computer and podcasts to another, as long as you never turn on the same category on both Macs because that will cause each computer to overwrite the other's data. But since you said you don't want to sync music or photos, that shouldn't be a problem for you.


    WiFi sync exists so that you don't have to grab a cable just to do a sync. It's convenient, but it's a lot slower than cable sync.


    Ralph9430 wrote:


    iOS devices are designed to sync with only one computer.

    It's probably more accurate to say that iOS devices are designed to sync with only one account.