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Hey guys,


I got my MBr two days ago and so far I am quite satisfied but since yesterday I have to struggle with a display issue that causes bad eye strain (didn't pay enough attention before I guess). It seems to flicker pretty hard, but not that kind of flickering you would be able to record with a cam. It's more of a subtle effect that appears worst when the background is white or grey. It starts when booting into Mac OS (apple logo appears) and is 100% on the hardware end (everything was reset). I used to work on a macbook pro 13 (early 2011) and could use it for hours without any eye fatigue or anything else. Same for the ipad. But with the MBPr it doesnt work for me. It has nothing to do with resolution! Tried that already.


I see the flickering and with the time my eyes start to burn, it gets hard to (eye-) focus and headache starts. After trying (too) hard I feel quite down now and when I check on my ipad or old notebook I still see the flickering...


I have seen another thread in here with users having their displays replaced. I am not sure though whether they experienced the same issue.


Thanks in advance.


Best regards from Germany,



MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)