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I am importing CDs onto my MAC. The songs are not showing up in Itunes. When I try to import them again I am asked if I want to replace existing files which means the files are somewhere.

iPad 2, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    How are you importing these CD's?

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    I am having the exact same issue. Turning off iTunes Match and turning it on again seemed to fix the problem temporarily but problem always reoccurs when importing new music.


    Although turning off iTunes Match and turning it on again fixes the issue each time, it's not an acceptable solution - Apple, any ideas?

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    I, too, am having this issue.  The last 4 CD's I've imported have been just like this - probably during the last couple months or so.  I import the CD, everything looks normal and then I can't see the music in iTunes using any of the views - artist, genre, album, etc.  Quitting and re-starting iTunes makes no diffference.  Today, after reading dandeadman's post, I turned off iTunes Match.  When I turned it on again, I got an iTunes 5002 error.  I quit iTunes and when I started it again, I could see the album via the various iTunes views.  I turned on iTunes Match and this time I got no error, and the matching process worked, and I could still see the album after it finished. Completely unacceptable behavior.  It's bad enough when you're adding CD's at a relatively low rate (1 every month or so) as I am; if I were new to iTunes trying to transfer in my library and this is what happened, I'd never go through with it.  It appears to be linked to iTunes Match in some way and, assuming that's going to remain a key part of Apple's strategy, can we please have a fix for this soon, Apple?