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Hi, I have just purchased an imac g4 from ebay and am having trouble getting it to connect to the internet.

My internet connection comes from teathering my iphone over wifi to my MBP. I have been trying to share this connection from my macbook to my imac over firewire but haven't had any luck.


I've tried connecting direct to my phone over wifi but I don't get an ip address, the same happens when I share the connection from my laptops wi-fi.


I have connected to a hotspot with the imac so i know that the wi-fi works and i can get a connection over firewire that says "You are connected to the internet via built in firewire" but when i try and load a webpage i cannot load anything.


When connected via firewire my macbook shows up in the network tab of the finder, my shared itunes library shows up and my laptop comes up in the list of devices in my VNC but when i try to use these connections it always fails, i cannot even get a ping responce from my laptop.



Im not sure if it is a compatibility issue with M lion and tiger, an IP address issue or something els entirely.


All help would be greatly appriciated


Thanks in advanced



iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), G4 17" 1Ghz, 768MB ram
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    If you use your MacBook Pro as the "server" connected to the Internet. you can connect 27" 2011 iMac to your MacBook Pro via a FireWire 800 cable. (assuming your MBP has a FireWire output, I don't own one).By using Target Disk Mode (Hold down the "T" key until you see "spinning gears" on Restart or Start-up).

    Your MBP will appear as a Hard Disk on your 27" display or your 27" iMac can be displayed as a Hard disc on your MBP display.


    • Switch the firewall off on both machines (if it was on) to see if it helps;
    • Try to connect using a different device to the shared connection (another computer, smartphone, iPad, etc.);
    • Use an open connection first (no password), before trying with WEP;
    • Reverse the roles of the two computers (i.e. try sharing the connection from the MBP to the iMac).

    Also, more details might help (OS X version on the machines, whether you are trying to share a wired connection, installed software which might interact with the network connections, etc.)


    Hope this helps in some way.

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    Im more looking to network the two computers so that i can share an internet connection and vnc from one to the other


    the imac is a 17" g4 with a clean install of tiger