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I used to subscribe to Match but I've left the subscription expire. However all my music titles are still visible on my iPhone even though there is no music on the device. I know there is no music on the device as it shows 0 under Usage (on the phone) and also on iTunes. The problem is that as the titles of artists and albums are still displayed there is no way of knowing if there is "music" behind a link when i do want to add music. So when I click an album now nothing happens as the music isn't there. With hundreds of albums there is no way of knowing what "link" i can play - without actually remembering thay i manually added an album to the iPhone.


Is there anyway of totally deleting an expired Match account? I believe that as the music is in Match it's confused the iPhone.


Just to confirm that as i no longer have Match then the option of to Show All Music isn't shown - so turning this off isn't valid in this case.


Any ideas on how to get the iPhone to only show music that is on the iPhone and not all music that was uploaded to to Match that I can't download anyway as i'm not a subscriber?


I'm on ios6 if that helps!


many thanks


Mac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)