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All of a sudden I cant access email thru either gmail or att in Entourage. I believe my computer is so old it cant be updated to later versions of Office. Is there any other way to correct/troubleshoot this without reinstalling? I have no idea where my disks are since I moved. Using OS X Tiger 1o..4.11. Help! I know this isnt really a Mac question, but would really be grateful for any ideas.

iMac, iOS 4.1, Firefox browser
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    I have Office:Mac 2008 nicely running on a G4 tower with 10.4.11 from 2004, and Entourage works fine. 2008 was the last of the Office version the support PowerPC Macs. We also have been able to use the much older older Office X on an older eMac and, again, Entourage works fine. So I don't think it's a version issue with Entourage.


    Can you access either account through your browser? That's important to check that the accounts are active and your ISP is doing its job.


    Allow me to suggest a forum more targetsed to Entourage--Microsoft's Office :Mac forums. They are very helpful and MS Mac Unit employees often help out there:


    Office for Mac forums