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My iMac will be five years old on New Year's Day.  I've never had a problem with it.  But, now that Leopard isn't doing any more updates, I need to up date my iMac myself.  I installed 4GB Memory and upgraded to Snow Leopard.  Now, I want to upgrade to Mountain Lion.  Here's my question:  I want to do a clean install - everything new, not just an upgrade that keeps my settings.  I don't mind re-doing all of my settings, bookmarks, etc.,  I don't have any photos or documents on my computer that I need, so, I want a clean install.


How can I do this through just a download of Mountain Lion?  Why can't we get a disk?  I don't have the ability to bring my iMac to an Apple store or a local computer shop.  How can I get a clean install?