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    You don't have to apologize for anything, I will be trying this tonight or tomorrow! I'll let you know how it works out.

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    Success!!  I got my LIDE 35 working on Mountain Lion 10.8.2.  It was pretty easy - despite the information posted on the Canon website (that no driver is required for ML), I downloaded the Canon driver for Snow Leopard. The file is named lide35osx7721en.dmg. I got it here:


    Ran the Canon installer, rebooted, and everything's good. Scanner seems to work fine, using Image Capture for the scans.  I did not download/install the CanoScan Toolbox. I'm happy using Image Capture and Preview for scanning, and I might acquire VueScan as it gets pretty good reviews. Frankly, I'm a little leery about installing Canon's Toolbox. It needs to actively monitor the status of the scanner, watch for the front-panel buttons being pushed, etc. It's plausible it might not play nice with ML.


    Based on the info posted in that other thread about the LIDE 60, you might need to uninstall your exisiting LIDE35 s/w before you can re-install.  For reference, that article by "7p" is here:

    However, it contains an error. Steps 1-4 direct user to remove a Canoscan file from within the user's  ~/Library folder. In fact, I believe you'll find the file is in the root Library folder.  After running the installer, I went looking to see what had been installed.

    • /Library/Image Capture/Twain Data Sources/CanoScan LiDE 35.ds
    • /Users/Shared/CanoScanLiDE35/CNQL1208_Driver.bundle


    The actual driver file is contained within the bundle, and is dated June 2006!


    Good luck getting your LiDE 35 back on-line.



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    Plus one !


    The link did not work for me but a search for "lide35osx7721en.dmg" got me to the Canon Download page.

    Got it, double clicked, reboot. Works like a charm!

    Lide35 is seen in the Preview->Scanner import, as well as in the Preferences Pane, as well as the CanoScan Toolbox (which I like most since it gives me easy button access to different scanner profiles.)


    Thanks a lot for the hint to use the lide35osx7721en.dmg anyways. Works fine here on a clean install of a Retina-MBP early2013 OS X 10.8.3


    Cheers, Joachim

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    i kept my photoshop CS2 and launch it when i need to use the scanner... will work for the meantime. You have to quit your newer photoshop, but all in a days work!

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    Hi guys,


    just for the sake of completeness: I was a little bit to fast with my post and now I can't edit it anymore.

    The Lide35 works in the new way of OS X integration. My favorite is the "Image Capture" app, in German "Digital Bilder". This gives me an easy way to scan without buying an extra piece of software.


    The CanoScan Toolbox however seems to be gone for good (at least in my setup). It just closes down immediately after launch. Sad enough, I quite liked it. Where is the calibration of the scanner gone now, which used to pop up now and then in the CanoScan Toolbox? Just can't do it anymore?


    Well, don't want to discuss pros and cons of all scanner software out there. Just to let you know that depite of my last post - OS X integration is fine, CanoScan Toolbox rest in peace.


    Cheers, Joachim

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    Oh My Gosh! i just launched "PREVIEW" and under "FILE" i chose "IMPORT IMAGE" and my scanner started working.....!!!!! Try it!

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    Hi guys,


    I upgraded to Maverick yesterday and the Lide35 is gone again. Reinstalling from the lide35osx7721en.dmg brings no errors but the Scanner does not show up in the import sources.

    I'd rather have my Scanner working than Maverick...


    Anybody else?




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    Same here. Still looking for a solution.

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    got my CanoScan Lide 35 to work with maverik:

    went to :

    donwload and install the following binary files for OS 10,9 in this order:

    1- libusbx version 1.0.17, 2013-11-03


    2- gettext version, 2013-11-03


    3- sane-backends version 1.0.24, 2012-11-03


    4- SANE Preference Pane version 1.2, 2013-11-03


    5- TWAIN SANE Interface version 3.2, 2013-11-03


    Install the Canoscan Toolbox X software from canon us site use the version for OS 10.6


    Launch Canonscan Toolbox you will now be able to use your scanner with the CanoScan software try the file button and scan should now work OK

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    If Dtermined's instructions didn't work for you yet then add the following after loading the software as he describes, but before launching the toolbox:


    -Open System Prefs: Sane panel

    -Click the Configure radio button over Canon630u

    -Click the bottom of the field and add "usb 0x04a9 0x2204"


    I got the last 4 digits from File/About this mac.../System Report tool. When looking under the USB heading I found the scanner that was not showing up anywhere else and got the vendor and product ID from the details area- I figured I'd enter my didgits into the config file since it seemed close enough- if I crashed the scanner it wouldn't be the end of the world. But it didn't!


    I then opened the Canoscan Toolbox and scaned from there- I got my needed scan on the first try of pressing the File button! Check the location of the output folder, I switched mine to the Desktop.


    The buttons on the front of the scanner do not work so far- not a problem for me anyhow.


    Good Luck!


    btw, this was on Mavericks, 1st gen Retina MBP

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    This worked for me, thank you!


    Acrobat can scan, but I can't get Preview (and Printers and Scanners) to see the scanner.

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    Here we go again! Thanks a lot!

    I was aware that there is the SANE-solution, but at the time of  my Mavericks post, it was not yet compiled for 10.9...


    Some comments from my install:

    I have a LiDE35, which gives me a USB ID of: "usb 0x04a9 0x2213" in the Sane Prefs Panel.


    Still, I could not see the scanner, but the only point where I slightly stepped out from Dtermined'sinstructions was that I was not sure, which version if the Canoscan Toolbox I was using exactly. So I digged deeper and found that due to my location in Germany, I was always directed to the German website of Canon, and I used the search-function, which always gave me the most recent version of the Toolbox, which is something with a 5 in front, say 5.0.14. This one could not open the driver.


    I then wanted to make sure that I get the "Canoscan Toolbox X software from canon us site use the version for OS 10.6" as written in the post and forced the canon _us_ site, did not search but click through all products, select the old version, which eventually gave me the file: cstbosx4512ej4.dmg  For all of you who do not want to click like mad, this is the filename to google for...


    This one installed works like a charm, without scanner buttons, but who cares.


    Thanks to everybody contributing; talk to you again after the next OS update :-)


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    Thanks for the details here.  Did all of the above but Canoscan is coming back with error "failed to find driver."  Any suggestions?  Thanks very much in advance.

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    UPDATE...  After playing with the settings in Canoscan, everthing is working great.  Thanks to everyone above for this great solution,