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I have a 2012 iMac and a Drobo 5D (Thunderbolt Mass Storage) where I store all of my iTunes movies, music, etc. Both devices here have Thunderbolt capability. The iMac and the Drobo 5D are connected via Thunderbolt and this is how I manage and share my iTunes library. I then use Home Sharing via iTunes and play said media on my Apple TV3.  Of course this only works when the computer is on. Here is where the conundrum begins. I also need to use bootcamp quite often. When I do, the shared media disappears (obviously) and it leaves others in the house unable to view said media via Home Sharing on the Apple TV.


Is there a way for me to have 2 Mac desktops hooked up directly via thunderbolt to the same storage device such as my Drobo 5D?


Essentially, my ideal workflow would be something like...


iMac: Manage iTunes media and store it on the Drobo 5D

Mac Mini: Take the stored media and Home Share it via iTunes to ATV3

ATV3: Play back the stored media from the Drobo 5D that is shared out via Mac Mini


Note - All connections need to be Thunderbolt as I've found that even when connected via Gigabit Ethernet, there is too much congestion for the ATV3 to handle (poor playback).


Is this possible / any thoughts?