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jaulb Level 1 Level 1

I can send & receive email from my ipad but for some reason I can no longer do this from my i mac.It keeps telling me that the password is not valid with the imap server.I keep entering the password but it won't accept it.

  • MrHoffman Level 6 Level 6

    The password dialog is sometimes used for unrelated errors such as networking errors, for keychain errors, and corruptions to the account entry within mail; it's sometimes a problem connecting to or that's returned from the mail server, or an attempt to get to the mail server.


    As a starting point, launch the Connection Doctor tool, and see what it reports.


    Mail.app > Window > Connection Doctor


    That will confirm the basic pieces and the connection to the mail server are all working.  Or not.

  • jaulb Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you so much for replying and for the direction to connection doctor. 2 red lights under status, one saying btinternet.com SMTP verify username & password. The other saying btyahoo IMAP verify username & password?

  • MrHoffman Level 6 Level 6

    Do you have one, two or more entries in the left colum of Mail.app for your mail server(s)?  That is, do you have your Mail.app set up with either a btinternet entry, with a btyahoo entry, or both?  Or more?


    I'm guessing that you might have one account (btyahoo?) listed for incoming (IMAP server) mail, and with the outbound (SMTP server) mail is configured and named btinternet.


    Based on what little I see posted, it looks like BT uses both btinternet and btyahoo, but I'm not exactly clear on how they have their stuff set up, and their web set gets helpful and tries to help configure my mail — I don't immediately see a single web page with the mail server set-up details.  The BT email client set-up starts here.