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Can anyone tell me why iTunes is causing some problems every other day on Windows 7? I just got iPhone 4S and I'm trying to use it but I have to reinstall iTunes every few days. For instance today iTunes just stopped working - it loads partially. Yesterday it was working. It's not funny to waste a couple of hours to download it again and reinstall.


I find some more things extremely annoying:

1) No apple store on the web?

2) Apps that I download to iPhone download again (400mb) on computer iTunes - that's also not cool because it blocks my internet connection and processor exactly at the moment when I sit down and want to use both... but I can live with that.

3) This is crucial: no AVI? no OGG? no RMVB? no MKV? no bluray movies, no dvd movies? Converting everything to MP4 and MOV is a waste of time. And you now... you usually (99% of the time) get video in a format that it not MP4 or MOV (perhaps except iTunes purchases).


Nonetheless it's a great phone! I'm happy purchaser of it

iTunes, iOS 6.0.1