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Is there documentation somewhere regarding reserved words that cannot be used in the .ncx navmap declaration. We've noticed that if any of the navpoint text strings includes the words "contents" or "cover" iBooks doesn't display them at all (it skips that navpoint item and moves onto the next).


Are there any other words that the platform will skip over if used?

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    Hi Stephrieger,


    That's an interesting problem that isn't covered in the documentation. I'm also curious to know if any other words are reserved by the system.


    It's best practice to avoid using reserved words in most if not all programming languages to avoid "unexpected" behavior.


    Simple solution would be to prefix all pages with "pg_" then the name you want to assign them.


    Do let us know if you find out the list of reserved words.



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    Thanks for the reply.


    Sadly (I wasn't specific enough) the words are not in mark-up, they are the ones that users can see...the actual <text> string used to generate the words in the menu. So prefacing them with pg_ would confuse users. :-(


    Will update the thread further if I figure out a workaround!

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    I understand now.


    I have done a few tests and can see your problem, where reserved words are used the entire navpoint is hidden. I tried wrapping the text in a CDATA tag to see if that would help eg. <text><![CDATA["Contents"]]></text> as the parser should ignore what's inside, however rather than the navpoint disappearing it's there but now blank.


    Let us know if you come across a workaround it would be good to know.