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I have 2 macs- one for pictures and one for music. Both have home sharing enabled. Can I use Apple TV to play Music from the Itunes Christmas library and point to the folder of Christmas photos that I have under the MacMini's Aperature or iPhoto?

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    You can only connect to one library at a time.

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    Thank you. I was hoping the iMac iTunes could poin to the MacMini photo folder and then use Apple TV to connect to iMac. Just seemed a bit complicated but I might give it a try anyway.

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    If you put photos into photostream and use them instead of from your library, you should be able to use the other library for music for a slideshow.

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    Thanks, I launched iPhoto once or twice but never actually used it. I use the Mini with Apperture and Elements and automatice photo sync over EyeFi.

    The family uses the iMac on multiple logins so that's why so much music is available and already in nicely built holiday playlists.


    I am old school and like to know what control I have and don't have. Really don't care for companies to change services at will and then I scramble to figure out how to change what I do to make it work for me. (like what happened with Gallery). I have never set up photostream and don't use iCloud.


    I can always build folders on the iMac and move photo copies into it. Guess whatever I do will take some figuring out. Just got the Apple TV so trying to to figure out a way to play their their music and see our years of Christmas photos at the same time. Perhaps moving to a USB folder and then pointing iTunes to that for photos will work- I can set up the different User's iTunes libraries to read photos from it I think. So matter who is logged on, the Apple TV will stream from them. Oh, I guess they have to change their Apple TV login too.

    Why did Apple make family stuff so complex???


    Oh well, lots of choices!