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I may have just lost my job because I didn't get TWO voicemails until over 12 hours later (Sunday morning)!  Has anyone else had a problem with voicemail since the new software update the other night?  The new software (I guess) shows a little red dot over the "voicemail" icon, but it wasn't there at all Saturday night.  And it didn't indicate how many voicemails I had!  The old system was much more reliable, and clear. 

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2, Voicemail update fail
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    Actually, the same thing happened Thursday night/Friday morning, but with much less dire consequences.   I didn't hear the phone ring, in a noisy room, and didn't get two voice mails till Friday morning.  Fortunately, my manager called a third time, and I was in a nice quiet place to hear the phone ring Friday morning.


    I rebooted several times (we aren't allowed to have our phones on at work) since Wednesday night, and I noticed Sunday morning a "prompt" for my voice-mail password.  My brand new iPhone 5 had been bothering me with "prompts" for an old Yahoo e-mail account password, so maybe I just didn't notice one for the voice-mail password.  But I did get the voice-mails prior to that-- just 14-16 hours too late.


    I really hope I don't lose my job over this software issue.