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I just got a Mac Pro. Have been using an iMac for a few years but finally had to upgrade back to a Mac Pro. My question is... I ordered my new Mac Pro with a Solid State 500GB, and two 2TB Drives. The idea being that I would put all my music and apps on one hard drive and all my video on another. However, when I use my miration assistant I cannot tansfer to the different hard drives, by default it sends it all to the main hard drive which is the Solid State. The Solid State has no capacity so it will not let me migrate my stuff. Also Even if I migrates just user info and Apps it would be too much for Solid State.
Is there a way round this? Is there a away I can choose what goes to what hard dirve?

In case of Negative, is there at least a way I can mirgate user data to Solid State and install the apps on one of the hard drives? I can always manually move the Music and Video after.


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)