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I have iphoone 5 on three network in the UK. Unfortunately if I go to poor signal area and phone looses connection it fails to refresh itself when I come out the blackhole.The phone  stays non functional  until I activate the airplane mode or reboot the phone. It is very dangerous as I rely on the phone in my profession. Looked at the discussions and it seems it is widely known problem with iphone 5. I had replacement phone from apple which did not resolve the issue. It is definitely not a sim problem as I put the sim in iphone 4s and the problem could not be replicated. All the troubleshooting talked about online has been teasted to no avail including the recent ios 6.02 update. Three is aware of issues with iphone 5 and claim the problem is in iphone 5 and they feel a decent update will hopefully resolve the problem.

I just wondered if apple are aware that professionals rely on iphone for communication in mission critical circumstances were lives might be at risk. Is apple happy to announce that iphone 5 should not be used by people who rely on the phone in critical situations ?. Please help..!.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
Solved by timthumb on Dec 25, 2012 11:03 AM Solved

same issue as me .............. my partner is on her 3rd iphone 5 and same issue ....

i hope a fix comes soon ...i also will be speaking to three next time they are open