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Ok, I have a Mac Pro with an ITunes Library, I needed to use Carbon Copy Cloner so I can copy the ITunes library to an external Firewire drive ( did that)


Now I also have a MacBook Pro which runs music software on it and I wanted to use the external Firewire drive to store the music so I plugged the external into my MacBok Pro, it sees the drive so I opened I tunes from the macBook and now want to see all my music which is in the Itunes Library on the external. I open Itunes on the MBook and go to preferences / advanced/ and tried to change the location to the I Tunes media file. After I select the correct path I get the msg about renaming the files in the new ITM to matach the prefs. I first selected no, then re did and selected yes but in both instances I do not see the songs, playlists from the external drive as ITunes still shows the old location on my main drive ifrom the MBook.


I had to miss something here, anyone?



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Mac Pro 8 Core