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I am at my wit's end with this. We have three computers:

iMac (Lion)

MacBook Pro 15" (Mt. Lion)

MacBook Pro 17" (Mt. Lion)


The 17" is the newest and I am trying to get it SHARING with the rest of us.

The other two can see and connect without permission. But if we try to connect to the 17" it asks that user for permission.

We have been sharing for quite some time and never had this happen before. I am sure it is only one setting, somewhere and I have gone over every computer multiple times, screen by screen and even watched a few videos on the matter.


This is what I get when I try to log on to my son's computer:

"Mac User" will be asked to grand permisison and will be able to see all activity.


When I connect to my husband's iMac, it just connected with no permissions.


Help. And don't get too technical please. Thanks.


Merry Christmas,


MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    First, have you designated anything on the 17" model as shared? For example, selecting the disk icon, then Press COMMAND-I to open the Get Info window, check the "Shared folder" checkbox. When you then log into the computer you need to log in as a registered user and sign into the admin user account on that computer.

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    Kappy, On all three computer the other two computers are listed as SHARED access. There are no limiations that I am aware of. Two can see back and forth with no restrictions. The third one requires them to give permission to see.


    The name and passwords rarely work and I am never sure whose name/password I am supposed to put. The name/password of the computer I am on, or the one I am trying to access. I have tried everything, and still nothing is working. Very frustrating as I know it should not be this hard. There are not that many setting options in this sharing screen.

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    I went into the COMMAND + I and added the other computers. Even though I did that in system preferences, the other two computer were not in this place.


    The only diference I see between the two computers.

    This is me (MBP 15") accessing the iMac and MBP 17" is that the iMac says GUEST and the MBP 17" says user name of Mac User. All other settings are identical. But, the MBP requires permission each time, and the iMac goes directly to share screen.

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    i'm sorry. I forgot the menion this. When I was in that HD box, under shared, even though I added the two other computers, when I was clicked on them each said I did not have access, even though I do have access to one, and access to the other with permission.


    I want to go back to default and start over.


    But, the other thing that is making me crazy is that when it asked to put in USER NAME / PASSWORD, nothing works so I have no idea whose user name and password I am supposed to use.

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    I was not referring to the Sharing preferences configuration. For you to access your 17" machine, then that machine must be "shared." That is done via the Get Into window for the disk on the 17" machine. See below:


    Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 2.28.32 PM.png


    Then you open Sharing preferences on the computer and turn on File Sharing. Then configure any other shared folders as well as set permitted users and their level or privileges:


    Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 2.34.37 PM.pngScreen Shot 2012-12-23 at 2.35.46 PM.png

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    I was so close. I changed that on the 17" and when I tried on the 15" to access, it actually went to CONNECTING. But then it rolled and rolled and eventually said, "Connection Failed" or something close to that. Ugh.


    The only other change I noticed is that on the 17" screen the HD is now a file with a red box and line through it, instead of the great metal type of box it usually is. Weird. I am rebooting that now. The Windows HD is still the same, just not the Mac HD.


    And it is not rebooting. Ugh again.


    To be continued. Sure appreciate your patience and help.

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    Mac 101- File Sharing

    File Sharing on Macs


    In order to share files between computers using File Sharing you can have two levels of access. In a basic sharing setup there is a machine "sharing" files and a machine "accessing" the files. The former is called a "server" and the latter is called the "client." Clients access files and servers share files.


    Clents have two basic levels of access on Macs: Guest and Registered User. A Guest user can only access the Shared folder on the server. This folder is located in the /User/ folder of the server. Any data placed in that folder can be accessed by the client. A Registered User is a user who has a user account, like the admin user, on the server. You must have the username and password needed to log into that user account. So in your situation you need to know the username and password for your son's admin account on his computer if it is acting as a server.


    Now, if each of you set your computers in the same ways then you can both serve files to each other - two-way sharing instead of the basic one-way sharing.

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    I often find that once you enable file sharing that it can take quite some time before the two computers actually can talk to one another. I also find that in the Network window of the Finder you get better results clicking on the "Connect As" button that shows in the right hand side of the black Shared Folder banner that appears at the top of the Finder window for the disk you want to access.


    Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 2.51.47 PM.png


    It does not appear in the above because I have no client-server setup at this moment.

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    Phew! Sorry for the delayed response, but when I did what was on the first screen, above, it wiped out the OS on both laptops. Panic mode the day before the world closes for Christmas. A call to a few local techs and the Genious Bar and they won't be available until Wednesday. So called Apple Care and paid the $19 fee, Got OS reinstalled (that takes a long time) and then another call to Apple Care to get the sharing set up. In this case it was a KEYCHAIN issue. It is all resolved now. Everyone that needs to see another is working.


    Thank you for your prompt response and help.


    Merry Christmas,