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Just got my new Apple TV (3rd gen) - discovered I can't AirPlay to multiple speakers from it like my old Apple TV (1st gen). As a workaround, can I use the old Apple TV just for music, using the new Apple TV as one of its airplay speakers? Can't seem to. The 3rd gen Apple TV doesn't appear on the original apple TVs list of airplay speakers. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Apple TV (3rd generation)
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    You might consider using the iTunes library on your computer as the source for your music, it can use all Apple TV's as speakers.

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    Thanks, and thanks for your reply.


    Yes, that does work - from iTunes I can see both apple TVs fine as options in the multiple airplay speakers - I was just really hoping to leave the main computer off and play my music from either the original apple tv's hdd or my iphone.


    Prior to buying the new 3rd gen Apple TV I had been doing that for a while, using the original Apple TV to airplay music to speakers connected to its own optical out and via airplay to an express in the dining room.


    It's odd that I can see both apple TVs and the express from the multiple speakers option from iTunes, but I can only see the express (and itself) from the original apple TV's multiple speakers menu. (Original Apple TV has been updated to latest software.) Maybe it's just too old to know about the new Apple TV.


    Has anyone managed to get an original Apple TV to airplay to multiple speakers where one of those speakers is another Apple TV?

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    Having this same problem. Have a large 160GB 1st Gen AppleTV upstairs which serves to beam all of my music to two airport expresses and one other 1st Gen AppleTV.


    Today, I decided to upgrade to a 3rd Gen because I liked the NEtflix app and mirroring capabilities. Turns out, I can't play my music to the new AppleTV "speaker" anymore.


    What gives?

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    Same goes, Very disappointed with new 3rd Gen Apple TV. One of my primary reasons for buying was to use as an Airplay speaker for exactly this reason. I can get the original 1st gen to play to a shairport4w PC, my Airport Express(s) but no dice with the 3rd generation. Someone, if anyone does reply, will advise that this was a firecore hack etc etc and close this subject (let's see.....) Disappointing though that iTunes can see it, the Remote and Remote HD apps can see it but not the Apple TV. I have set up a dedicated home server usign iTunes to support these devices and allow streaming - I would however like to use one interface (not my phone all the time) to play in multiple rooms.


    And before anyone shouts in with additional oh its not supported - its certainly a lot better than the new 3rd Gen where I can only play to one device at a time! Now that's poor!


    Constructive advise here appreciated without flaming.