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Since I installed Mountain Lion, I can't see my iPhone Notes in iMac Notes app, using IMAP synchronization (I don't want to use the iCloud).


On my iMac, I went into Notes app, selected Accounts and chose the one I want to use (Orange.fr). I selected both Mails and Notes.

Then I selected the Advanced button :

  • I can't let the IMAP Path Prefix empty as required (I think) by the IMAP server. So I put "INBOX".
  • I selected "Use SSL"
  • I put 993 for the port.


On my iPhone, I went into Settings > "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", then I chose the IMAP account I want to use and selected both "Mails and "Notes".

The IMAP Path Prefix is empty.


When I open the Notes app on th iMac, I can see the name of the account in grey, but not the notes I have on the iPhone...


And my mail applications work well on both devices.


Can sommebody help me, please ?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)