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I have my main ITunes library on my Mac Pro, I have a copy of that on an external firewire drive which I use on my MacBook for music. I need to make sure that when I add music to my main ITunes folder on my Mac Pro that I can also copy those new files to my ITunes library on my MacBook rather than have to do it manually.


As far as I know when I add new tracks to the MacPro I Tunes , I should plug the external firewire drive which has the second library but I'm stuck after that.


Any help?



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    If one is just a copy of the other and the two Macs

    are authorized under the same Apple ID, you should

    be able to just use a file sync app to keep both identical.


    Although a different scenario, I have two hard drives attached

    to my Airport Extreme Base Station, each with my iTunes folders.

    One is actually my prime and the other is a straight backup.

    All my Macs are set up to use the prime when starting iTunes.

    They all can also open the backup as well.  All I do is use my

    sync app to do a straight backup and works fine.  I don't see why

    this should not work using a true two way sync.


    Remember that the sync/backup needs to encompass all that is in

    the iTunes folder.