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i would like to know something about google maps app.


i am using a pre--paid SIM in my iPhone (I am in China right now).  the SIM card ran out of its money balance. and i was not near any WI-Fi location.

i was surprised to see that the google map app was stll able to show my position as the car i was in moved along the street.

but when i tried the apple map app, it complained correctly and wouldnt work at all (saying that it couldnt find a connection).


why is there a difference in these two apps? why cant apple map app use the same kind of connection that google uses?


and, how does the google map app accomplish what it does: it isnt using celluar data, it isnt using Wi-Fi. it must be using gprs which for some reason is not being charged by the service provider (China Unicom)?


let me know how this is working like this.



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    As soon as you get a route, it is cached on your device. That's most likely what is happening.

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    thanks for yr reply. i appreciate it.


    but i didnt enter a particular pre-planned route or anything like that. the app was just continually locating my location as we moved along until we reached our destination which took about 20 minutes.


    it wasnt just that there may have been vector maps cached, the blue location dot was moving and showing our car's position also.


    apple's map app refused due to no connection.



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    Well, that's the only thing I can think of, Apple's map app doesn't cache anything.