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I do a lot of renting of movies and TV season purchases from iTunes.


One problem I always have when I'm doing homesharing from my MAC to my Apple TV which is about 8 feet away from each other is get frustrated when I start to play or pause it not only activates my Apple TV when I use the remote but it randomly starts things on my MAC.  So I may have music that start to play as I've just hit play for a movie rental.


Now I normally rent movies on my Apple TV but recently downloaded them to my MAC so I could use them on my ipad while travelling.  The movies I did not watch I wanted to move back to my MAC and then use home sharing to watch them on my Apple TV set up.


I know the simple answer is move the two devices further away from one another but it's the room set up and you would thing that 8ft. plus direction (hang my hang down the side of my recliner so my body and chair are more of a shield from the direction of my MAC)  it's kind of silly I know but it still does not work.


Recently with 4 movies I did not watch - the stream got stopped and bounced out of Apple TV so I pressed the menu a few time to turn off and on the stream and when I again got up frustrated to go to the MAC I found that the menus had been started for 2 of the other movies so I now had 48 hrs. to watch them.


Long story  - sorry, but is there a set up option I should be using to block the Apple TV remote from engaging anything on my MAC and work it only with my TV set up?


Thanks for reading on this far.



AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Apple TV has latest S/W
Solved by Malignance on Dec 24, 2012 12:30 PM Solved

Pair the remote to the Apple TV


Read here > Apple TV: Pairing and unpairing the Apple Remote