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Well, I recently purchased an iPod Touch 3G on Ebay.  When I bought it, the page said that it was stuck at the restore screen.  It didn't come with a cable, so I figured that it was merely a matter of restoring it in iTunes.


Was I ever wrong.


I get it, plug it into the computer (with a cable I have) in a frenzy, and click restore.  It downloads 5.1.1, but when it tries to install it, it gets error code 9.  I try several more times, but the same thing happens.


After trying many things, it suddenly gives me the error 3194 (and I don't think it was jailbroken to begin with, though I can't be certain).  I keep trying, and it makes the iPod start up partway, then crash and shut down, start up partway, and repeat.  I get it into restore mode again (though a few times it went into DFU mode) and try again.  I also tried editing the hosts file, but that didn't change anything.  I try it on another computer, but it gives me error 1611.  I try yet again, but get error 9 -- I am back where I started.


A few notes for those of you who will help me:

Obviously, I restarted my computers several times during this.

I have 2 Windows computers and 1 Mac at my disposal, so I should be able to do whatever you have as a suggestion.

I copied the .ipsw file from the original download to the other computers-I am downloading another copy just to see if it was corrupted or something (though I doubt it).

And I don't mind if I have to jailbreak it (or anything else).  I just want it working.



So, can you help me?

Thank you in advance-


iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1