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My dad originally set up his apple TV with his computer, but I want the photos on my computer to play on the screen saver on the apple TV. I added my computer to the "iTunes" tab under "settings", but my computer doesn't show up when i click on "screen saver" then "photos", my computer doesn't show up. The photo stream appears, but only a few of my photos show up, not all of those in the photo stream. I have already set up my iTunes to choose specific photos, but my cmoputer sdoes not show up under "photos" and the photo stream isn't working. How can I get this to work?



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    From what I can tell, PhotoStream only gets accessed from the first iCloud account that is set up on the AppleTV. I haven't tried completely reseting the AppleTV and entering my partner's iCloud account to see if that will do it, and as it's Xmas, it'll have to wait until next week.