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I need to upgrade my Mac and am wondering what experiences everyone has had with different options for running Pro Tools and other professional audio applications.


The FW800 port on my iMac recently broke, and rather than spend a lot on getting it fixed I've decided to just sell it to someone who doesn't need firewire and upgrade.


I'm trying to decide between a newer iMac (3.1 or 3.4 GHz) with thunderbolt and USB 3 (but no FW), a new Mac Mini, also with thunderbolt and USB 3, or a somewhat older Mac Pro (2008-2010) with at least a 2.8GHz processor. Any thoughts from those of you who have used any of these, or who know more about computers in general than I do? Thanks.


Another option a friend recommended was looking for a 2011 iMac as they have both Firewire and Thunderbolt, since my audio interface runs via FW.

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    Might want to ask this on a ProTools forum as well.


    fwiw I have a 4 core MacMini Server w 8GB RAM and a 2008 MacPro 8 core w 16GB.


    The Mini is used as a general file and A/V server when not specificially tasked with Final Cut Suite efforts.


    Unless I have serious Compressor processes running (e.g. converting h.264 to an editable format) that draws on the full cores, the mini can do a good job keeping up with the MacPro.


    What the mini won't do is take 3rd party cards or drive multiple large monitors but for digital audio it ought to be fine with thunderbolt drives.


    Good luck.