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Trying to sych a newly purchased CD that shows up in I tunes on the computer, but does not show up on my IPAD after "Synching" 3 times.  WHY WON'T THE SONGS MOVE!  Extremely frustrated. Want to throw Ipad in wood chipper, please help.

iPad, iOS 6.0.2, comuter running windows 8
  • Skydiver119 Level 7 (25,967 points)

    Are you selecting to sync music in iTunes? To get a song into the ipad, first you import the file into itunes, then you connect your iPad and navigate to the music tab. Once there you select how to sync your music....automatically add it all, or to choose which albums or artists. then after you choose what goes onto the ipad you sync to make it happen.

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    Thanks for a few steps that helped me.  I got to the Music tab for the Ipad.  Once there I saw the choices you mentioned, but they are all greyed out.  When I push the "Sync Music" check box to enable the choices, a big nasty dialog box jumps up and says that it will remove anything that's not on this computer wiping out all of the files I synced onto another computer.  Does that mean the ipad can only sync with one computer?

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    By default, the iPad is designed to be synced with one computer but see the Support article below for how to change that: