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Hi- using ML on my MBP, latest version of iPhoto. Keywords are giving me a fit! Sometimes when I go to put in keywords for a photo the keyword button is gray and sometimes blue. Sometimes the keyword shows up in the info pane along the right side. Sometimes not. If I click on a keyword (the buttons are blue... or gray) and the ones selected are not the ones in the info pane. Sometimes when I find keywords are wonky, I click on Edit Keywords and do nothing and click OK and it might be better. And sometimes not. Sometimes if I exit that photo and then come back to it I can keyword it successfully. Sometimes not. I know, I know, a lot of sometimes going on.... But this wonkiness is driving me crazy!! I don't know what to do. I don't want anything to happen to my photos. Help please. Thanks, Merry Christmas, Judy

Got a SSD! Sweet.
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    As a Test:



    Hold down the option (or alt) key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Create Library'



    Import a few pics into this new, blank library. Is the Problem repeated there?

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    Hi Terence-I created a test library and it worked just fine. Imported 60 photos, tagged about a dozen and it worked fine. I should also add that I have had issues with my libraries. I don't know if it started when my hard drive was going bad (eventually it had 23 bad blocks and I replaced that drive with an SSD) but I got some error messages that there were some photos missing, two to be exact. I use iPhoto Library Manager and created some new libraries and tried rebuilding and all to no avail. I now have 3 libraries that have essentially the same photos and I am working on getting just one with all the photos and cleaning it up.


    Update-just went into all 3 libraries and played around with the keywords in each and of the 3, only 1 has keyword issues and that happens to be the library that I picked to work on to straighten out the photos! So apparently that library is corrupted somewhere. In fact, when I opened up the keywords in said library the list was blank. Nothing there. No option to Edit Keywords either. Sooooooo...... I think I have to choose a different library. What do you think.... Obviously I picked the wrong one. I picked that one because it had fewer missing photos.


    So anyway, I look forward to your feedback about this. But I think I know the answer-pick a different library or maybe I should start all over with a clean library. Well, anyway, Merry Christmas! Judy

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    Strat by rebuildign the library you are having problems with - Back up your iPhoto library, Depress and hold the option (alt) and command keys and launch iPhoto - rebuild your iPhoto library



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    Rebuilding didn't help. But today I discovered a clue-while working in the one library that I am hoping will be ok, I discovered that it's the movies that are an issue! When I click on a photo, the keyword window pops up and I can select whatever key word that I need. But if I highlight a movie and bring up the keyword window the options are all grayed out so that I can't select them OR if it had a keyword previously it shows up on the left in the info pane but if I try to add the keyword Movie it won't take. Nothing happens. It also doesn't show up in the info pane. I did find out that I can add the Movie keyword right in the info pane so that will work for me for now. Wonder if anyone else has this same issue..... Well, that's the latest. Judy

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    I had the same problem with movies.  I then opened another library check that the movies there could be assigned keywords.  Then close iPhoto, opened my first library and could not assign keywords to movies.


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    Interesting. Oh well. At least I know that I can add the keyword for Movies in the info pane..... Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Happy New Year! Judy