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Klaus Boehncke Level 1 (10 points)

My iPad 4 wifi issues are driving me nuts. We have about 5 Macs and a few windows computers in the household, 3 iPads, and 4 iPhones. The wireless routers are all Apple. The WLAN is set up with WPA2 Personal. ALL machines work without a problem on WiFi. Only my new iPad 4 does not. If I log out and in (eg with airplane mode and back, or rebooting) it will work nicely for 5-15 minutes, and then speeds will slow to a crawl. It is so bad that I never turn on WiFi now, and only use 3G. Aside from the cost issues, I cannot stream video from my Mac to my iPad and constantly have to use my wife's old iPad 2 or my new iPhone 5.


I don't know what's wrong or why Apple has not released the 6.0.2 upgrade to the iPad 4 (and I don't know if that would have fixed the issues).


So far I have


+ regularly rebooted the WLAN router, and logged in and out of the WLAN with the iPad

+ reset the network connections on the iPad and rebooted multiple times

+ changed the WPA2 to the less secure WPA (as recommended in some iPad WiFi threads)

+ played with numerous setting in the time capsule router

+ tried another router not from Apple (which had the notorious "cannot connect error" most of the time, but, when it finally managed to connect, the same problems of great speed in the first minutes and a snail pace a bit later)

+ adjusted all WLAN router settings exactly as recommended by Apple here and in the documentation.


Nothing is working. As far as I am concerned, WiFi in the iPad 4 is completely broken and useless, hopefully something that can be addressed in a software update. I wish I had my iPad 3 back ... alas, it was stolen 4 weeks ago :-(


Anyone have any ideas that I have NOT tried?


Many thanks for your help!


Cheers Klaus

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
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