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Hey, I recently updated to the newest version of Itunes (I think version 11 or something)
I updated because my Ipod stopped syncing on the older version, however this is still the problem on this new version.
Ive searched all over for answers! Many are having this problem...
Yet no answers people are giving will help, I wont even risk trying half of them


Some answers ive seen are
~Converting songs to 120 something kbs per sec? Wont that make my songs lower quality? I don't want to risk having lower quality songs...
~ Resetting Ipod- I have over 3000 songs, this will take ages to re sync, and at that, I don't know for sure if I will be able to even sync after that... Not worth the risk!
~ I went to 'Help' and run diagnostics, both Ipod syncing and (I think) Ipod connection to computer had failed. Everything Itunes had to help with that failed.

~ I tried a different coord, didn't solve anything.


With the new itunes lay out, I have no idea where my Ipod is suppose to show up (No side bar) And I know my Ipod is connected to the computer, just not Itunes?


Please help! Many are having this problem, I have no idea what to do! Why does this update have to be so bad on Christmas :/

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1
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    And before anyone asks if ive tried, NO none of these things Apple recommends help... They all seem irrelevant almost!
    I think the problem is simply that Itunes no longer recognizes devices, Apple needs to fix their side of the problem!

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    Update, I found the Side bar, still doesn't help with the problem...

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    I thought I was going insane. My iPod 4th Gen stopped working after I updated iTunes to I tried everything Apple has suggested including a total reset of the iPod & nothing works.

    I was given a iPod Gen 5 32GB for Christmas & it will not connect to my computer. Again I have tried all Apple has suggested. Running Windows 7 Prof x64.


    Also to top it off I now have the dreaded iTunes will not close issue again..


    Apple Please Help.....

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    I seriously don't want to reinstall Itunes, It will completly muck up my Library!



    1. About a year ago I decided to change my music too have a much 'cleaner' Ipod, some of my old purchased songs that I have removed are still in my Itunes folder, just not in my Library. I have a feeling these will appear back in my library after reinstalling..


    2. I know artists who officially release their music for free, therefore its legal for me to download their albums free online. These go into my downloads folder which I then drag into my Itunes Library, I have well over 100s of songs/ albums, and these aren't in my Itunes folders (Atleast to what ive seen) So I doubt these will be moved into my library after reinstalling (And it will be a REAL PAIN moving them ALL back in.)


    3. I don't even know for sure if this is even going to work! I may just waste my own time, and like ive said on posts similar to this, I really reckon that Apple needs to fix their side of the problem. Ive seen people sayign they reinstalled, it didnt fix anything, Device is still un-recognized, I went through diagnostics on Itunes, exactly what it comes up with is that it can't recognize my Ipod touch device.


    Please help! I have an un-answered thread, none of Apple support helps at all, and I really needed to sync my Ipod for Christmas, that isn't happening now :/

    We need Solid answers please. Not these try and risk waisting your whole day and not even get half of your favorite songs back.

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    Looks like Apple are not interested. They keep trying to send people back to the OS issues from before the iTunes update to

    If there is no resolution soon I will do as they say to remove all Apple softwear, but will not re-install. There are lots of other softwear out there. Although I did like Apple until all this rubbish.

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    HEY! So I know this is like, 3 months later, but I found out how to sync!

    I was having this problem also. So I was looking through iTunes, and I found the box with the arrow up int the top left hand corner.

    Click on that.

    You see where it says 'Show Menu Bar'? Click that.

    Now a gray bar with 'File Edit View Controls Store Help' should come up.

    Click on 'File'

    In the drop down box, you should see 'Devices' with an arrow next to it.

    Place your cursor over that.

    Now, you should see 'Sync [iPod's Name]'


    And that should do it!

    Hope I helped!