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Hey there.

Yesterday I get a new ipad mini with a new case from amazon , in the discribtion from the case stands that the wake up and sleep function workmwith it but it doesn't ...

I hope that you have some solutions for me !?


Thank you


iPad, iOS 6.0.2
  • MitchandMacs Level 1 (105 points)

    Hi Janis,

    There is a setting in the Settings app, under General called "iPad cover lock / unlock" make sure it is set to on.

    If it is set to on and it still doesn't work the cover you have recieved may be defective and you may need to try and obtain a refund.


    Kind Regards,


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    Hi mitchandmacs ,

    In the settings app there is no "iPad cover lock / unlock"



  • MitchandMacs Level 1 (105 points)

    Hi Janis,

    After some quick searching I found out that this setting only appears after a Smart/magnetic cover is attached for the first time.


    There may be a problem with the way the magnets in your case line up with those in the iPad mini causing the setting not to be triggered. I would suggest slowly dragging the cover around the border of the screen to try and find the "sweet spot" on the case.


    If this doesn't work it may just be that the case does not have appropriate magnets to trigger this feature.


    Although they are higher priced, it's hard to beat the official Smart Covers, but this may not be a suitable solution for you though. You may be able to take your iPad with you to an Apple Store / other electronics retailer and find a suitable case which works with this feature.


    Hopefully you can get it working without too much hassle.



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    Hey ,


    I think the best solution is when i'm driving to my medimarkt so there i can asked whats the problem .

    I would tell you when the case is working , thank you !


    Greetings Janis

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    can we try and use any magnets (various fridge magnet) to see which one would work in order to trigger the sleep feature? 


    I saw a case I like but it doesn't come with the magneted feature and was thinking of trying some magnets and glue the ones that would work.