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I had a kernal panic with my PowerMac yesterday where the computer just crashed and i lost all of my settings for the server. So i finished rebuilding the OS, trying to remember all of my settings for how the server was, but now i cannot get my most important drive to share correctly. I created all the necessary accounts, Home is read only, and Matthew (my name) is full control. For some reason, Home has more access than Matthew does, despite what the server admin is saying. Also, the drive i'm trying to share is called Upsilon. Originally, i was able to access this by going to \\Lambda\Upsilon and access it via any account. Now, that path is not available, and only Home can get onto upsilon, but by going to \\Lambda\lambda\volume\upsilon. I don't know what's happening, but i need this to fix this soon, as this is what my media centers in my house run off of. Thanks