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Appreciate any advice on this nagging issue.


Using iphone 4s with IOS 6.0.1. Set up icloud. When I'm at my desk, use Safari to access my contacts and calendar functions via icloud.com.


The following is what I found:

a. Any new calendar entry I created in icloud.com will replicate to my iphone every time.

b. Any new calendar entry I created on my iphone would not replicate to icloud.com


I checked both iphone and icloud.com and confirmed the following settings:


1. Only 1 standard icloud Calendar on icloud.com, and it is checked. I have not created any other calendars.


2. On my iphone, Default Calendar is the icloud Calendar, and it is checked.


3. On my iphone, I have set SYNC to All Events.


4. On my iphone, icloud settings: Calendars is set to ON


5. On my iphone, Fetch New Data is set to PUSH every 15 minutes


I have tried numerous times to create calendar entries on my iphone, and they just refuse to show up in my calendar on icloud.com.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Kenny


Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 2010 Mac Mini 2.4Ghz Intel 8MB RAM