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hi everybody,

wanting the 12 days-Xmas-Special-App-whatsoever led me to trying to update my perfectly working ipod touch 3G from 4.x (think 4.3) to 5.1.

Due to several timeouts while downloading the update i tried to get the 5.1-ios-Version from a German site which is very popular (CHIP).

I then had the ios, the ipod-> lets get to work.

I could start the update-function using the downloaded file.

Everything went ok, till the Error 14 occurred (whatever this may be).

Now I screwed a working ipod, getting the message that itunes "recognized" an ipod in the "WARTUNGSZUSTAND" (sry- don´t know the english phrase).

So it has to reconstitute it.


My problem now is, that i have absolutely no possibility to take action, I have to wait unteil iTunes loads the actual ios from the server and does its job.

thing is: i fear the timeout-Problem.

I switched from WLAN to a standard LAN-connection.


What else could i do?


Thank You



iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3