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My sister recently got hooked up with DSL (about 2 months ago).  EVERYONE who goes through her home has no trouble in connecting to her wifi setup. Her wifi is pass protected (WPA).


So, yesterday I gave her a new ATV3. During the setup, it asks for her wifi password which is like 1Dog01.  Numbers on both ends of the password.  So, I must have tried it for at least 10 attempts without success.  It kept coming up with "error 37".  It was driving us nuts.


Then, for some reason, her kid who is on the south side of 100 (IQ) decided to capitalize the leading numerical character  (1) by going to the top of the ATV setup password screen and selecting ABC... and then scrolling down to the numbers.  That WORKED!!! 


I would never have thought of that solution to this problem. 

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