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J Miller1 Level 1 Level 1
I have a new MacMini (intel). I have a Lacie external drive connected via firewire. For some reason the Mac only shows some of the folders on the external drive. The drive contains mostly music files and is formatted in NTFS.

When I connect the drive to my PC I can see all the Folders, so I know they are there.

Might some of the music files be unreadabel and thus "hiding" the top level folders they are in?

MacMini Intel, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • maciscool Level 3 Level 3
    I had the same problem with an NTFS external HD so I reformatted it with FAT32. I would not use NTFS with a mac because mac cannot write to NTFS, just read, and it doesn't always read everything that is there.
  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6
    Yep. Although it is the most common file system for PC's, NTFS is actually a proprietary standard owned by Microsoft, & it doesn't make all the details of its structure publicly available. As a result, it isn't entirely reliable unless (surprise, surprise!) it is used within Windows.

    If you don't like that, complain to MS, not Apple.
  • J Miller1 Level 1 Level 1
    Ok so sounds like its not the actual files like the Apple Care rep told me.

    I guess I need to find a way to move all the files (230gigs) off the drive while I reformat it.
  • scb Level 5 Level 5
    If youo have a camera with a large enough card in it, you might do it that way. Or with an iPod. Of course, I am Mac oriented, so I assume you can drag and drop to these devices, as you can on a mac. Just throwing it out there.

    Depending on the size of those files, you can do it in several moves.
  • R C-R Level 6 Level 6
    You might look at the drive with the PC & see if there is something different about the files/folders you can't see from the Mac, like a different security or DRM setting. This is the kind of stuff MS doesn't make available to third party vendors, & may have been what the Apple rep was talking about. You may be able to change those settings such that the Mac can see the items.

    If not, & you have room on the Mini's drive, you can network the two computers & try to transfer the files to the Mini that way.
  • scb Level 5 Level 5
    I will get right back to you. This may be it.

  • J Miller1 Level 1 Level 1
    I cant find anything different when viewing the drive with a PC, but like I said, there are thousands of files within each folder, so it tough to check them all.

    I dont have a camera or anything with a large enough drive so I may be heading to the store.