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I'm taking my macbook air on a trip to india (and people say it's durable & portable...right?) So when i turned it on, it started working fuzzy. I turn on magnification, and when i slid my mouse across the dock, magnification wasn't onning. that has never happened before. And it took a few more seconds than it normally does to close my windows on safari. Is my mac being damaged by travel? First answer gets either 5 or 10 points.and second & third answers.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion
Solved by peiper1 on Dec 25, 2012 10:27 PM Solved
Hard to say because "working fuzzy" is a pretty vague and subjective description at best.  However I very much doubt the problem is due to traveling with your Mac.  I travel with mine all the time (at least 6 major trips since I bought in July-12) and so far, not a single problem.  If the problem persists, make a Genius appointment when you return and bring it in for check-up.