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Hello, I've deleted contacts from my I-Phone 5, but they still show up when I go to send a text automatically.  This is really annoying, and if Apple's answer is that it's not a bug, but a feature of the phone . . . . . that's pretty unacceptable.  There must be another way to actually delete these contacts without completely resetting your phone.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    If my contacts are not synced with my itunes, am I out of luck?  I really don't want to reset my phone to accomplish deleting a contact.  That seems pretty ridiculous.

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    just thought you like to know having apple do a hard reset to my phone didn't fix the problem I still have the deleted contact show up when I text anyone who has the same letters in their name.  Infact the apple store employees and phone operators told me I completely stumped them and they have no idea how to fix this since that contact does not show up anywere else and a hard reset also failed.  they said that eventually maybe my phone will fix itself with one of there upgrades but if I should figure out how to fix it on my own to please let them know how I did it.