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How do I free up space when the startup disk is full?

  • OGELTHORPE Level 8 (45,045 points)

    First start by emptying trash.  Then delete files or transfer them to an external HDD.  Again empty trash.  If you do not, that space is still allocated on your HDD.


    Download from the Internet OmniDiskSweeper (free) and open it.  It will show all of your files and the respective sizes.  This can aid you in identifying which files to delete/transfer.



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    Thank YOU.  This did help me.  I keep getting the messages, then I finally just turn my computer off and it comes up with more memory after the restart.




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    After a restart all the page/swap files are deleted and you start building them up again, as you run more and more concurrent applications.


    You may want to use a utility such as OmniDiskSweeper to find where all your storage is.




    I would STRONGLY suggest you ONLY look at files under your home folder as anything outside of that may be essential to the proper operation of your Mac.  If you think something outside your home folder should be deleted, I would suggest asking in these forums first.

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    What Files do you delete?

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    Kellyhals, greetings;  Delete files that you may feel are no longer important for your needs.  If you wish to retain them, either replace the internal HDD or transfer them to an external HDD.  These are user files only.


    Do this taking BopbHarris' caveat in mind.  Do not delete any system files and only applications that you know you will not need any more.



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    Great Wizard from the Emerald City:


    I have installed DaisyDisk, which I presume is similar to the sweeper you reference above.


    I have found that nearly 65% of my disk is taken by the downloads folder located in

    Library>Server>Software Updates>Data


    All of these are in a random html format. Any ideas as to their purpose or vitality to the system?


    (Running OSX Server on XSERVE 2009)




    A lost little Toto

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    O Trejo, greetings;


    I am not the Wizard but a mere citizen of Oz who wears green tinted glasses as all others do.


    DaisyDisk appears to perform a similar function as OmniDiskSweeper which I still prefer due probably due to my familiarity with it.


    I am not familiar with OSX Server, so I am off the hook on this one.  If you go to the OSX Server forum, there will be forum members who will be able to address your query.  This is the link:




    If you are really nice to them, they may give you a Dog Yummy. 



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    Thank you, kind citizen. Much obliged.