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I connected the JBL Flip with my MacBook Pro and it worked fine, music was coming out of the JBL. When I try to connect from my ipod, it does not. I turned bluetooth ON on my ipod, then "Searching..." is displayed and the speaker never shows up. Any tips on this? The user manual from JBL is useless.

iPod touch
Solved by ReidWeb on Dec 26, 2012 8:43 AM Solved


i just opened the flip and  paired with one ipad and subsequently wanted to pair with my ipad.  my ipad kept searching and searching and could not find the jbl flip even though it was right next to it.  i had the same problem as the original post.   I think the following is  what ultmately solved  the problem.  first i turned off the blue tooth on the first ipad (not sure if this mattered) so the flip wouldn't be connected to it.  i could not find a reset nor how to take the batteries out simply on the flip. . I DID though hold the power button for quite a while on the flip.   I did this long enough for the red light (vs the blue light of the flip) to flash.  once flashing red i turned back on blue tooth on my ipad and it discovered the flip.  i touched the ipad screen to select the flip and then discovered the flip.


I hope this helps

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