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Just started using the 2 different iPod 4Gs and 2  Otterbox Defender cases yesterday and within a couple hours started having issues with the screen stuttering or different buttons activating on the screen that I did not touch. When I take the case off the iPod it seems to work fine. Does anyone have this same issue? Is it the case? Is it static electricity? I have taken the case off and wiped down both sides of the built-in screen protector and wiped the iPod screen, reinstalled the case but it begins similar activity again in short order. Any suggestions?

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1
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    Have you looked at the previous discussions listed on the right side of this page under the heading "More Like This"? Ones with a green checkmark are solved.

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    I did and in that discussion it appears her problem manifests along the edge of the screen where as my issue is anywhere on the screen.  Middle, sides, top or bottom. And it is not immediate upon installing the ipod in the case. That was what made me curious if it was a static issue that builds up after use and not immediately after installing the otterbox case. I am experimenting with a regular screen protector on the face today without the case to see if I may need to change to a commuter series case. Going to see if a screen protector actually installed on the face makes a differences versus the one that is part of the case as in the defender.