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On an Airport Express (2012 version, 802.11n), has anyone tried the following configuration? Is the WAN port active in client mode? Do you have any suggestions on this or similar configurations?

I am trying to use Airplay to stream music to two Klipsch G-17 speakers. As I have discovered and also documented by Apple on their web page http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4587 in the section
"Connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network as part of a legacy WDS or Extended Network", this is true "Due to the overhead required for this configuration, you may expect AirPlay drop-outs such as intermittent loss of audio."

Configuration now:
All Airport Expresses are the 2012 802.11n version with a LAN and a WAN port.
There is one Airport Express in a home basement. It is connected to an Internet connection. This Internet connection goes into this home basement.
There is a second Airport Express on the second floor of this home.
Now, both Airport Expresses connect fine with the "extend network" option. There is wifi coverage throughout this home. All works fine until Airplay is used to stream music to these two Klipsch G-17 speakers. There are intermittent and persistent pauses. I am experiencing the what Apple documented in this kb article. I am not able to connect the two Airport Expresses with an ethernet cable. I cannot run a cable from the basement to the second floor.

Has anyone tried this following configuration? Or is there a different configuration that would work, and if so, could you provide the configuration details?
1. Connect the first Airport Express via client mode to the second, second floor Airport Express.
2. Set the network default gateway to the first, basement Airport Express.
The attempt is to eliminate the extended network, with its Airplay dropouts. And allow access to the Internet via the wifi network.

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