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I'm currently using 11.0.1 iTunes on a 10.8 Mountain Lion MacBook to try and transfer pdfs to an app called ForScore on my iPad - ever since upgrading to 11.0.1, I haven't been able to click on the Save To button if I have a lot of files in the list on the right hand side. When you scroll down, you find the "Add" and "Save To" button squished up right at the bottom. I can select the "Add" one, but not the "Save To" button. If I try using the tab key to navigate to it, it scrolls through the search fields but doesn't go to the Save To button.


Any suggestions?

iTunes, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 11.0.1 iTunes
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    I've seen the same thing that you are talking about and right now I am drawing a blank on what I did to overcome this but you could try View>Show status bar>Off. Turn off the status bar at the bottom of oTunes if you have it enabled ... I think that the status bar option is under view in the iTunes menu. (Not at my home computer right now, sorry!)


    You can just drag the file onto the desktop and save it to whatever folder you want from there.