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I have just plugged my new Squier Stratocaster USB guitar that I purchased from the Applestore into my 3rd Gen iPod Touch (iOS 5) using the mini USB to 30 pin connector that was supplied with the guitar.  On my iPod I have an app from Gibson that has a guitar tuner and all sorts of stuff that I want to play around with.


Annoyingly when I plug the Stratocaster into my iPod (either with or without the Gibson app running) nothing happens.  Not even white noise.


On the latest of several occassions that I tried this, I got a message pop up on my iPod that said something like 'Your iPod is not compatible with this accessory'.


Does this mean there is a hardware incompatibility between the two devices that can't be got around; or is it simply a software issue?  If so. I wonder, will I be able to use the USB guitar with my iPod Touch if I purchase the GarageBand for iPod App?

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1